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Lisa Scott is a New Zealand broadcaster, columnist and author, quite possibly the only one to be sued for defamation by her high school French teacher. Despite being arrested, jailed and deported by Homeland Security while on her way to Chicago to write a travel book, she hasn’t lost her sense of humour but perhaps that's because she lived without a toilet for 8 months and realised things could be much worse. On the upside, the rhododendrians are looking lovely this year.

Read her latest columns and purchase books direct from the author. Lisa's very first novel, Not Like you Said it Would Be is being made into an E-book available here soon.


Kindness and Lies

By Lisa Scott

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“Kindness and Lies is all about our own humanity, shaped by those essential relationships we have to negotiate throughout our lives. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes poignant, the book nevertheless comes back to the importance of people. Especially powerful in her scrutiny of the mother/daughter relationship (both as a daughter and as a mother), Lisa Scott makes no highfalutin claims to have all the answers. Her conclusion? Simply that there are no easy answers – there are just stories, and perseverance and tolerance and kindness.” - Tanya Allport

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Travels with my economist

Travels with my Economist

By Lisa Scott

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“Lisa has been waiting for her handsome economist boyfriend to propose to her for nine years but the question has yet to be popped. When he invites her to join him on a sabbatical to India, Lisa accepts - certain that their navigation of the subcontinent together is bound to force a proposal out of him.  You’ll have to wait and see whether a wedding eventuates but in the meantime, Lisa gives an eye-wateringly honest and laugh-out-loud funny account of her time in India - with no holds barred. Like many a traveller before her she finds India a contradictory cauldron and frequently suffers from TMI - Too Many Indians. I hope Scott’s economist goes on another sabbatical overseas soon, because I’d love to read more of her work.”
- Kerre McIvor (Kerre's Choice, Paper Plus)

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